Tag Designation
ADV Adverbial
ARG1 First Argument
ARG2 Second Argument
ARGA Causative agent of verb with causative alternation
CAU Cause
DIR Direction
EXT Extension
LOC Localization
M Modifier
MNR Manner
PNC Objective
POV Viewpoint
PRD Secondary predication
TMP Time
Tag Designation
A Adjective
AP Adjective Phrase
ADV Adverb
ADVP Adverb Phrase
ART Article
C Complementizer
CL Clitics
CP Complementizer Phrase
CARD Cardinal
CONJ Conjunction
CONJP Conjunction Phrase
D Determiner
DEM Demonstrative
N Noun
NP Noun Phrase
O Ordinals
P Preposition
PP Preposition Phrase
PPA Past Participles/Adjectives
POSS Possessive
PRS Personals
QNT Predeterminer
REL Relatives
S Sentence
V Verb
VP Verb Phrase