Tag Category
C Complement
CARD Cardinal in multi-word cardinals
COORD Coordination
CONJ Conjunction
DEP Dependency
DO Direct Object
IO Indirect Object
M Modifier
N Name in multi-­word proper names
OBL Oblique Complement
PRD Predicate
PUNCT Punctuation
ROOT Sentence root
SJ Subject
SJac Subject of an anticausative
SJcp Subject of complex predicate
SP Specifier
Tag Category
A Adjective
AP Adjective Phrase
ADV Adverb
ADVP Adverb Phrase
C Complementizer
CP Complementizer Phrase
CARD Cardinal
CONJ Conjuction
CONJP Conjuction Phrase
D Determiner
DEM Demonstrative
N Noun
NP Noun Phrase
P Preposition
PP Preposition Phrase
POSS Possessive
QNT Predeterminer
S Sentence
V Verb
VP Verb Phrase
Tag Description
Tags for nominal categories
m Masculine
f Feminine
g Indeterminate Gender
s Singular
p Plural
n Indeterminate Number
dim Diminutive
sup Superlative
comp Comparative
Tags for verbs
1 First Person
2 Second Person
3 Third Person
pi Presente do Indicativo
ppi Pretérito Perfeito do Indicativo
ii Pretérito Imperfeito do Indicativo
mpi Pretérito Mais que Perfeito do Indicativo
fi Futuro do Indicativo
c Condicional
pc Presente do Conjuntivo
ic Pretérito Imperfeito do Conjuntivo
fc Futuro do Conjuntivo
imp Imperativo
Tags for infinitive verbs
ifl Inflected
nifl Not Inflected