Why to use resources from PORTULAN CLARIN:

  • gain focused access to a comprehensive international collection of resources for the science, technology, promotion and exploitation of language and language related areas;
  • foster your research progress with resources, services, and respective expert technical support in a broad array of domains, ranging from the Humanities and Social Sciences to Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence;
  • boost your innovation initiatives with cutting edge language data sets and processing tools in a wide range of areas, such as new technologies, robotics, health care, cultural creativity, etc.;
  • support your language promotion and teaching with advanced services and materials, and with the respective expert technical support.

Why to distribute your resources with PORTULAN CLARIN:

  • reach out to a wide international community of researchers, innovators, students and professionals interested on the science, technology and promotion of human language, on languages diversity, and on language and culture related areas;
  • ensure that your resources are properly indexed and thus discoverable online by search engines such as Google dataset search engine, etc;
  • enhance the impact of your research and publications that are based on your scientific and cultural resources;
  • ensure the reproducibility of your findings by making available the language resources that support them;
  • secure the preservation of your digital resources for free;
  • contribute to the collective effort of advancing the study of how human language is structured, processed and used, and of building on this knowledge to come up with enhanced and novel communication, living, cultural and health options;
  • align with Open Science practice by making your results and resources accessible to all sectors of an inquiring society.


It takes only a few simple steps to use PORTULAN CLARIN.

How to use language resources:

  1. Locate the resource of interest;
  2. Accept the respective license;
  3. Download a copy;
  4. Start working with the resource.

How to use processing services:

  1. Locate the service of interest;
  2. Follow the respective instructions;
  3. Start working with the service.

How to distribute resources:

  1. Contact the Helpdesk;
  2. Fill in the online metadata record for the resource as it will be indicated by the Helpdesk;
  3. Upload the respective files following the instructions from the Helpdesk;
  4. Your resource will be distributed from the Repository.

The infrastructure is available to all providers of language resources.
It supports the distribution of resources non-exclusively: They can be distributed also through other channels.
It supports the distribution of resources with the licenses indicated by the respective providers, not claiming or withholding any property rights over them: Their ownership remains with the respective stakeholders.

The infrastructure poses no restriction on what formats it accepts and will preserve resources in the format that they were deposited. For more information, see the CLARIN Standards Information System .

The infrastructure adopts a user-centered operation.