PS corpus (Post-Scriptum) - treebank

PS corpus (Post-Scriptum) - treebank is a treebank corpus of 586 informal mail letters written in Portuguese and Spanish during the Modern Ages (from the XVIth century to the beginning of the XIXth century). This treebank is a syntactically annotated subset of the Portuguese "PS corpus (Post-S...

Resource Type:Corpus
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Spanish; Castilian

DiZer 2.0 is a web interface for discourse parsing. It is based on DiZer (Pardo and Nunes, 2008), the first discourse parser for Brazilian Portuguese. The system aims at producing the discourse structure of a source text following the Rhetorical Structure Theory – RST (Mann and Thompson, 1987), o...

Resource Type:Tool / Service

MARv-DISAMB is a part-of-speech disambiguation tool (probabilistic disambiguation module).

Resource Type:Tool / Service

LX-AP was created from the translation of Almuhareb-Poesio (ap) benchmark (Almuhareb and Poesio, 2005). The original data set was created considering three aspects: POS, frequency and ambiguity. It contains 402 names from 21 categories of WordNet, with 13 to 21 names from each one of those categ...

Resource Type:Corpus
Media Type:Text

Grafone-LEX is a lexical database for conversion from graphemes to phonemes

Resource Type:Lexical / Conceptual
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Port-AoA Words

Port-AoA Words (Cameirão & Vicente, 2010) is a lexical database containing 7 psycholinguistic characteristics (e.g. neighborhood density, written-word frequency, familiarity, imageability, etc). Standard adult vocabulary.

Resource Type:Lexical / Conceptual
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RudriCo-TOK is a tokenizer tool that splits contractions. De-contraction rules: 178.

Resource Type:Tool / Service
Embeddings for Comparative Probing of Lexical Semantics Theories

Embeddings used in: Branco, António, João Rodrigues, Małgorzata Salawa, Ruben Branco and Chakaveh Saedi, 2020. Comparative Probing of Lexical Semantics Theories for Cognitive Plausibility and Technological Usefulness. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Computational Linguistics (C...

Resource Type:Lexical / Conceptual
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