PS corpus (Post-Scriptum) - treebank

PS corpus (Post-Scriptum) - treebank is a treebank corpus of 586 informal mail letters written in Portuguese and Spanish during the Modern Ages (from the XVIth century to the beginning of the XIXth century). This treebank is a syntactically annotated subset of the Portuguese "PS corpus (Post-S...

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Spanish; Castilian
CorPop: a corpus of popular Brazilian Portuguese

This research proposes a corpus of popular Brazilian Portuguese, called CorPop, with texts selected based on the average level of literacy of the country's readers. CorPop’s theoretical and methodological bases are interdisciplinary and fall within the scope of Language Studies and related discip...

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CORDIAL-SIN – Syntax-oriented Corpus of Portuguese Dialects

CORDIAL-SIN is a corpus of spoken dialectal European Portuguese developed at Centro de Linguística da Universidade de Lisboa (CLUL). The materials for this corpus were drawn from the recordings of dialect speech collected by the CLUL ATLAS team as fieldwork interviews for linguistic atlases betwe...

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Biographies of Portuguese People

This is a set of 11.361 biographies of Portuguese people. The compilation of the data involved the biography collection from wikipedia and data conversion. Several filters were applied to remove entries that were mostly empty or non applicable content. Format: JSON (conversion from HTML) ...

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ArgMine Corpus

A corpus of opinion articles annotated with arguments, following a claim-premise model.

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PsychAnaphora - Reading times in a self-paced reading task

This set of materials resulted from a study on the processing of explicit pronouns in European Portuguese. A spreadsheet containing data from 75 participants (young adults), namely, per-word reading times and accuracy data on comprehension questions, is provided. Complementary materials (Read Fir...

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