UIMA/U-Compare Apertium Morphological Analyser

This tool performs tokenization of text and assigns all possible morphological analyses to each token. These analyses include the base form of the token, part-of-speech, information about number and gender. The morphological analyser is a module of Apertium machine translation system. The provided tool can currently operate on a subset of the languages that are supported by the Apertium system, namely: English, Spanish, Calatan, Galician, Portuguese, Romanian and Basque. The tool is provided as a UIMA component, specifically as Java archive (jar) file, which can be incorporated within any UIMA workflow. However, it is particularly designed use in the U-Compare text mining platform (see separate META-SHARE record), since the types of annotations it produces are compliant with the U-Compare.


  • U-Compare Workbench
  • U-Compare Workbench

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