PsychAnaphora - Event related brain potentials from young and older adults

This set of materials pertains to a study on the processing of explicit pronouns in European Portuguese. Forty spreadsheets containing Event Related Potentials, encoded as voltage variations across 64 electrodes during 1.5 s, in two millisecond steps, are provided, 20 of which pertain to younger adults and 20 to older adults. Complementary materials (Read First file, stimuli, participants' demographic data and behavioral measures obtained during the experiment, and a published paper) are also provided. In this study we aimed to characterize, on a millisecond time scale, the processing differences that occur when explicit pronouns are resolved to commanding antecedents vs non-commanding antecedents. To this end, event-related brain potentials were extracted from continuous EEG recordings made while participants read sentences containing pronouns that occurred in the two conditions of interest. We further aimed to identify the changes that normative aging brings to the process of interpreting explicit pronouns in these two conditions. A group of younger and a group of older adults participated in the study. Part of the results obtained in the group of younger adults is reported and discussed in the journal paper contained in the pdf file 'Pronoun resolution to commanders and recessors 2009'. The name of each of the files presently made available is listed in a READ FIRST pdf file, and their contents are briefly described therein. The SPSS database Participants.Demogr.&.Memory.Sentence.Perform.&.MMSE contains the demographic information for the 20 younger and 20 older participants who yielded valid data, along with data pertaining to the participants’ performance in comprehension questions. Gender, age, years of formal schooling information and dominant-hand information is provided for all participants. For older participants, Mini Mental Examination scores (MMSE column) are also provided.


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