Perfil Sociolinguístico da Fala Bracarense - POS

Perfil Sociolinguístico da Fala Bracarense - POS is a manually verified part-of-speech annotation of the EXMARaLDA transcriptions in "Perfil Sociolinguístico da Fala Bracarense", a Portuguese speech corpus with 90 hours of recorded spontaneous speech, aligned with its transcription in EXMARaLDA format, composed by 1h interviews with speakers of the same area (around Braga, Portugal), stratified according to sex, age and level of education.

For details on the tag set that was used, see

This resource contains only the POS-annotated EXMARaLDA transcriptions. For the speech corpus, see "Perfil Sociolinguístico da Fala Bracarense", also available in this repository.


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