Tag Category
C Complement
CARD Cardinal in multi-word cardinals
COORD Coordination
CONJ Conjunction
DEP Dependency
DO Direct Object
IO Indirect Object
M Modifier
N Relationship between words and named entities
OBL Oblique Complement
PRD Predicate
PUNCT Punctuation
ROOT Sentence root
SJ Subject
SJac Subject of an anticausative
SJcp Subject of complex predicate
SP Specifier
Tag Category
A Adjective
AP Adjective Phrase
ADV Adverb
ADVP Adverb Phrase
C Complementizer
CP Complementizer Phrase
CARD Cardinal
CONJ Conjuction
CONJP Conjuction Phrase
D Determiner
DEM Demonstrative
N Noun
NP Noun Phrase
P Preposition
PP Preposition Phrase
POSS Possessive
QNT Predeterminer
S Sentence
V Verb
VP Verb Phrase
Tag Description
Tags for nominal categories
m Masculine
f Feminine
s Singular
p Plural
dim Diminutive
sup Superlative
comp Comparative
Tags for verbs
1 First Person
2 Second Person
3 Third Person
pi Presente do Indicativo
ppi Pretérito Perfeito do Indicativo
ii Pretérito Imperfeito do Indicativo
mpi Pretérito Mais que Perfeito do Indicativo
fi Futuro do Indicativo
c Condicional
pc Presente do Conjuntivo
ic Pretérito Imperfeito do Conjuntivo
fc Futuro do Conjuntivo
imp Imperativo
Tags for infinitive verbs
ifl Inflected
nifl Not Inflected