ACOPOST - A Collection of POS Taggers

ACOPOST is a free and open source collection of four part-of-speech taggers (t3, met, tbt, and et). In corpus linguistics, part-of-speech tagging (POS tagging or POST), also called grammatical tagging or word-category disambiguation, is the process of marking up the words in a text (corpus) as co...

Resource Type:Tool / Service
Blacklist Classifier

A language identifier for closely related languages.

Resource Type:Tool / Service
CRPC-Named Entity Recognizer

A NER-classifier based on memory-based learning, trained on the CINTIL dataset, a corpus that contains part of the Corpus de Referência do Português Contemporâneo - CRPC (Reference Corpus of Contemporary Portuguese).

Resource Type:Tool / Service
Enju parser

Enju is a syntactic parser for English. The grammar used by the parser is based on Head Driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG). Enju can analyse syntactic/semantic structures of English sentences can output phrase structure and predicate-argument structures.

Resource Type:Tool / Service

FORMA is a probabilistic tool for morphological tagging and lemmatization of text. The purpose of this tool is to obtain annotated text to be processed by other NLP tools (see Gonzalez et al., 2006).

Resource Type:Tool / Service
GENIA Tagger

The GENIA tagger analyzes English sentences and outputs the base forms, part-of-speech tags, chunk tags, and named entity tags. The tagger is specifically tuned for biomedical text such as MEDLINE abstracts.

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ixa-pipe-coref-eu is a Basque coreference resolution tool, which is an adaptation of Stanford Deterministic Coreference Resolution ( This tool reads a text document annotated with lemmas, named entities and constituents formated in Natural La...

Resource Type:Tool / Service

ixa-pipe-dep-eu is a Basque dependency parsing tool. It is based on MATE-tools. This tool takes a document in Natural Language Processing Annotation Format (NAF) format ( and outputs a new NAF document. This tool is partly funded by the European Commission ...

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ixa-pipe-ned-ukb is a multilingual Named Entity Disambiguation tool. It is based on UKB (, a graph-based Word Sense Disambiguation tool. The Wikipedia graph built from the hyperlinks between Wikipedia articles is used for the processing. The input of the tool is ...

Resource Type:Tool / Service

ixa-pipe-pos-eu is a robust and wide-coverage morphological analyser and a Part-of-Speech tagger for Basque. The analyser is based on the two-level formalism and has been designed in an incremental way with three main modules: the standard analyser, the analyser of linguistic variants, and the...

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