English to Czech Machine translation module

Technical Description: http://qtleap.eu/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Pilot1_technical_description.pdf http://qtleap.eu/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/TechnicalDescriptionPilot2_D2.7.pdf http://qtleap.eu/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/TechnicalDescriptionPilot3_D2.10.pdf

Resource Type:Tool / Service
MLSS Paragraph Splitter Web service

The paragraph splitter is a web service tool which takes text as input and outputs the identified paragraphs surrounded by tags. The tool is language independent. The download for this resource only contains the narrative description in a Word file. The service has one method which can be invo...

Resource Type:Tool / Service

ixa-pipe-ned-ukb is a multilingual Named Entity Disambiguation tool. It is based on UKB (http://ixa2.si.ehu.es/ukb/), a graph-based Word Sense Disambiguation tool. The Wikipedia graph built from the hyperlinks between Wikipedia articles is used for the processing. The input of the tool is ...

Resource Type:Tool / Service

ixa-pipe-dep-eu is a Basque dependency parsing tool. It is based on MATE-tools. This tool takes a document in Natural Language Processing Annotation Format (NAF) format (http://wordpress.let.vupr.nl/naf/) and outputs a new NAF document. This tool is partly funded by the European Commission ...

Resource Type:Tool / Service
Blacklist Classifier

A language identifier for closely related languages.

Resource Type:Tool / Service

Uplug (see Tiedemann, 2003a) is a collection of tools and scripts for processing text-corpora, for automatic alignment and for term extraction from parallel corpora. Several tools have been integrated in Uplug. Pre-processing tools include a sentence splitter, a general tokenizer and wrappers a...

Resource Type:Tool / Service
OntoLP Plugin

The OntoLP system is a plug-in for the construction environment of the ontologies Protégé. The plug-in intents to be an assistant for the engineer of ontologies for Portuguese during the execution of initial steps concerning the ontologies construction: extraction of terms which are candidates fo...

Resource Type:Tool / Service

LXService is a Web Service that consists in a range of tools for Portuguese that have been develop for the processing of Portuguese. They were selected because they satisfy a number of features that are likely to make them more suitable for initial experimentation: They are fast, robust, the ling...

Resource Type:Tool / Service
Tell me Stories - Temporal Summarization framework

Conta-me Histórias [http://contamehistorias.pt] is a temporal summarization framework of news articles that allows users to explore and revisit events in the past. To select relevant stories of different time-periods, we rely on YAKE! [http://yake.inesctec.pt] a keyword extraction algorithm devel...

Resource Type:Tool / Service
STEPP Tagger

Part-of-speech tagger tuned to biomedical text, provided as a web service.

Resource Type:Tool / Service

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