Lexicon of discourse markers for European Portuguese


The lexicon of discourse markers for European Portuguese contains 252 pairs of discourse marker/rhetorical sense. The lexicon covers conjunctions, prepositions, adverbs, adverbial phrases and alternative lexicalizations with a connective function, as in the PDTB (Prasad et al., 2008; Prasad et al., 2010). For each discourse marker in the lexicon, there is information regarding its type, category, mood and tense restrictions over the sentence it introduces, rhetorical sense, following the PDTB 3.0 sense hierarchy (Webber et al., 2016), as well as a link to an English near-synonym and a corpus example. The lexicon follows a XML scheme compatible with the DiMLex format (Stede, 2002).


  • Lexical Conceptual Resource
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