A Tweet Dataset Annotated in Four Emotion Dimensions

A corpus of 2,019 tweets annotated along each of four emotion dimensions: Valence, Dominance, Arousal and Surprise. Two annotation schemes are used: a 5-point ordinal scale (using SAM manikins for Valence, Arousal and Dominance) and pair-wise comparisons with an "about the same" option (here 2,019 tweet pairs are annotated such that each of the 2,019 tweets is in at lest one pair and no pairs are duplicated). In all cases, there was a "Can't Tell" option for unintelligible tweets. Files provided are csv output from CrowdFlower with useful columns largely self-explanatory. Annotation columns are emotion names (5-point scale) or "most_emotion" (comparisons), "index" contains a unique id for each annotation task. "_worker_id" contains a unique identifier for each annotator.


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