SenseClusters is a package of (mostly) Perl programs that allows a user to cluster similar contexts together using unsupervised knowledge-lean methods.

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LEX-MWE-PT: Word Combination in Portuguese Language

This lexicon includes multiword expressions (MWE) of European Portuguese extracted from a balanced 50,8M word written corpus – a subcorpus of the Reference Corpus of Contemporary Portuguese (CRPC). This corpus covers different genres, being mainly constituted by journalistic texts (59%), but it a...

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EUROPARL Corpus Parallel Corpora: Portuguese-English

The EUROPARL Corpus (subpart Portuguese-English of the parallel corpora), available at, was extracted from the proceedings of the European Parliament (Koehn, 2005). It contains transcriptions of sessions dating back from 1996 to 2011, in a total of approximately 58...

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Chinese Open Wordnet

We are creating a large scale, freely available, semantic dictionary of Mandarin Chinese: the Chinese Open Wordnet, inspired by the Princeton WordNet and the Global WordNet Grid. All relations (hypernyms, meronyms ...) come from Princeton WordNet 3.0. We have enriched the synsets with Chinese lex...

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Language:Mandarin Chinese

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