Brands.Br – a Portuguese Reviews Corpus

The Brands.Br corpus was built from a fraction of B2W-Reviews01 corpus. We use a set of 252 samples selected by B2W to be enriched. In Brands.Br corpus we want to solve two main challenges in product reviews corpus. The first: it is very common to find customer reviews referring to distinct thing...

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OSS Online Communication Messages

The corpus contains 1,030 online communication messages, randomly selected from Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) newsgroups, the bug tracking system Bugzilla and the bug tracking system GitHub. NNTP articles, Bugzilla and GitHub comments were selected randomly so that the sample exhibits sim...

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SenseClusters is a package of (mostly) Perl programs that allows a user to cluster similar contexts together using unsupervised knowledge-lean methods.

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