PS corpus (Post-Scriptum)-ES

PS Corpus (Post-Scriptum)-ES is a corpus of 2368 informal mail letters written in Spanish during the Modern Ages (from the XVIth century to the beginning of the XIXth century). Each letter is available as a semi-palaeographic transcription, a modernized transcription, and with part-of-speech a...

Resource Type:Corpus
Media Type:Text
Language:Spanish; Castilian
U-Compare Apertium Part-of-Speech Tagging Workflow

This is a workflow that is designed especially for use in the UIMA-based U-Compare workbench (see separate META-SHARE record). The workflow is in "ucz" format (specific to U-Compare) and can be imported via the "Import Workflow" item in the "Workflows" menu of the U-Compare interface. It include...

Resource Type:Tool / Service
Catalan; Valencian
Spanish; Castilian

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