U-Compare Type system

The resource constitues of a hierarchically-structured system of data types, which is intended to be suitable for describing the inputs and output annotation types of a wide range of natural language processing applications which operate within the UIMA Framework. It is being developed in conjunc...

Resource Type:Language Description
Media Type:Text
EUROPARL Corpus Parallel Corpora: Portuguese-English

The EUROPARL Corpus (subpart Portuguese-English of the parallel corpora), available at http://www.statmt.org/europarl/, was extracted from the proceedings of the European Parliament (Koehn, 2005). It contains transcriptions of sessions dating back from 1996 to 2011, in a total of approximately 58...

Resource Type:Corpus
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Khresmoi Query Translation Test Data for the Medical Domain version 1.0

This package contains data sets for development and testing of machine translation of medical search short queries between Czech, English, French, and German. The queries come from the general public and from medical experts.

Resource Type:Corpus
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