Trilingual Documents related to International Judicial Cooperation in Civil Matters (Greek-English-French) (Processed)

This dataset has been created within the framework of the European Language Resource Coordination (ELRC) Connecting Europe Facility - Automated Translation (CEF.AT) action. For further information on the project:
Trilingual (Greek-English-French) documents - standard forms: requests, certificates, summaries, notices related to the implementation of Hague Convention of 1980, European Convention of Luxembourg 1980 - Regulation (EC) 2201/2003, Regulation (EC) 1393/2007, Hague Convention of 1969.
Text extraction, alignment on document and sentence level, and generation of TMX files (a TMX for each language pair) were applied. As a post-processing task several filters were applied to discard/annotate alignments that might be incorrect or of limited use for training MT systems. The sizes are: 288 TUs (en-el), 287 TUs (en-fr), 358 TUs (fr-el)


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