Tell me Stories - Temporal Summarization framework

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Conta-me Histórias - Temporal Summarization framework

Tell me StoriesConta-me Histórias

Conta-me Histórias [] is a temporal summarization framework of news articles that allows users to explore and revisit events in the past. To select relevant stories of different time-periods, we rely on YAKE! [] a keyword extraction algorithm developed by our research team. Initially built on top of the Portuguese web archive [] it has been later extended to support different datasets such as Reuters, Bloomberg, Bing or the Signal Media dataset. These are available through the Tell me Stories [] website. In addition to these online tools, we offer the engine as an open source Python package [] that can be extended to support different datasets or languages. Conta-me Histórias / Tell me Stories has won the 2018 contest [] and has been awarded the Best Demo Presentation at ECIR’19 [].


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