Maltese Wiktionary

This lexicon is part of the collection of the Wikimedia Dumps which was retrieved as an XML file from on November 5, 2012. In the Wikimedia dump, it is accompanied by a text file mtwiktionary-20121105-pages-articles-multistream-index.txt which lists all the wiki pages contained in the XML file. Both files are contained in the zip file downloadable from META-SHARE.

These files come from an automatically generated dump file of all pages within the Maltese Wiktionary wiki. The pages therein consist of manually constructed pages for articles and (semi-) automatically generated pages for the meta-content. Manual construction of the article pages allows for not sticking strictly to the agreed schema for entries in the Wiktionary.

In view of this mix of article pages, languages, meta-pages and other information, this resource is rather unreliable.

  • Lexical Conceptual Resource
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