LX-TimeAnalyzer is a freely available online service for the extraction of temporal information from Portuguese text. It was developed and is maintained by the NLX-Natural Language and Speech Group at the University of Lisbon, Department of Informatics.

LX-TimeAnalyzer extracts temporal information from Portuguese texts. Given an input text, it finds the following elements:
- Temporal expressions, which are expressions that occur in the input text and that refer to dates and times;
- Events terms, which are words that refer to events that happen or hold at some point in time;
- Temporal relations between these times and events, i.e. the temporal ordering among these entities, according to the input text. The possible relations are IS BEFORE (the first event precedes the second event), IS AFTER (the first event follows the second event), and OVERLAPS (both events overlap in time).

The temporal relations are also extracted in relation to the reference time given.

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