LX-Conjugator is a freely available online service for fully-fledged conjugation of Portuguese verbs. It was developed and is maintained by the NLX-Natural Language and Speech Group at the University of Lisbon, Department of Informatics.

LX-Conjugator takes a Portuguese infinitive verb form and delivers the corresponding conjugated forms. At the date of its inception (May 2005), it is the first freely available online service for fully-fledged Portuguese verb conjugation, including the full range of pronominal conjugation forms. It thus handles:
- Pronominal conjugation
- Compound tenses
- Double forms for past participles (regular and irregular)
- Past participle forms inflected for number and gender (with transitive and unaccusative verbs)
- Negative imperative forms
- Courtesy forms for second person

LX-Conjugator handles both known verbs and unknown verbs. It thus conjugates neologisms (with orthographic infinitival suffix).

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