CLARIN Knowledge Centre for the Science and Technology of the Portuguese Language


In order to get support concerning the science and technology on the Portuguese language, including research methods, data resources, processing tools, etc., consult us via this helpdesk.


The Science and Technology of the Portuguese Language is the thematic area of this CLARIN Knowledge Centre. Related to the Portuguese language, it covers all topics from Phonetics to Discourse and Dialogue; considering all language functions from communicative performance to cultural expression; approached by all disciplines from Theoretical Linguistics to Language Technology; covering all language variants from national standard varieties across the world to dialects of professional groups; taking into account all media of representation from audio to brain imagiology recordings.

Among many other possible circunstances, the K-Center can be used to help, for example:

  • to use a language processing tool – e.g. conjugators, terminology extractors, concordancers, part-of-speech taggers, deep linguistic processing grammars, etc.
  • to access data sets – e.g. linguistically interpreted corpora, terminology data bases, EEG records of neurolinguistic experiments, collections of literary texts, etc.
  • to obtain a data sample – e.g. video recording of deaf children sign language, words for concepts in the Organization subontology, etc.
  • to use specific research support applications – e.g. lemma frequency extractors, treebank annotators, etc.
  • to use an appropriately equipped online workbench – to support field work on the documentation of endangered languages, to do research on translation, etc.
  • to connect with experts that can provide help on the specific issues at stake.
  • etc.

Target audience

The targeted audiences include researchers, innovators, students, language professionals, citizen scientists and users at large whose activities resort to scientific resources and research results from the Science and Technology of Language, prominently in the areas of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, Computer and Cognitive Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare, Language teaching and promotion, among others.


PORTULAN CLARIN K-Centre entry point is a helpdesk available online to all users (no registration required). On the basis of their requests and needs, the users will be directed to individual experts or to research units and university departments in the network of PORTULAN CLARIN research infrastructure.