TinySVM: Support Vector Machines

TinySVM is an implementation of Support Vector Machines (SVMs) (Vapnik, 1995; Vapnik, 1998) for the problem of pattern recognition.

Resource Type:Tool / Service
UIMA/U-Compare NEMine

The purpose of the tool is to identify gene and protein names in biomedical text. The tool is provided as a UIMA component, which forms part of the in-built library of components provided with the U-Compare platform for building and evaluating text mining workflows. The U-Compare Workbench pr...

Resource Type:Tool / Service
UEvora Tagger

UEvora Tagger is a freely available on-line service for tagging sentences written in Portuguese. This service was developed and is maintained at the University of √Čvora by the VISTA - Video, Image, Speech, and Text Analysis Group of the Department of Informatics.

Resource Type:Tool / Service

MARv-POS is a part-of-speech tagger tool (probabilistic POS annotation module). MARv4's architecture comprehends two submodules: a set of linguistically-oriented disambiguation rules module and a probabilistic disambiguation module. The linguistic-oriented is no longer used in the STRING chain be...

Resource Type:Tool / Service
UIMA/U-Compare GENIA Tokeniser (GENIA Tagger)

Tokenisation is one of the functionalities of the GENIA tagger, which additionally outputs the base forms, part-of-speech tags, chunk tags, and named entity tags. The tagger is specifically tuned for biomedical text such as MEDLINE abstracts. The tool is a UIMA component, which forms part of th...

Resource Type:Tool / Service
Blacklist Classifier

A language identifier for closely related languages.

Resource Type:Tool / Service
MLSS Sentence Splitter Web Service

The MLSS Sentence Splitter is a web service tool, which takes text as input and outputs the identified sentences surrounded by tags. The tool was tuned for Maltese. The download for this resource only contains the narrative description in a Word file. The web service has one methods which can ...

Resource Type:Tool / Service

ixa-pipe-pos-eu is a robust and wide-coverage morphological analyser and a Part-of-Speech tagger for Basque. The analyser is based on the two-level formalism and has been designed in an incremental way with three main modules: the standard analyser, the analyser of linguistic variants, and the...

Resource Type:Tool / Service

ixa-pipe-dep-eu is a Basque dependency parsing tool. It is based on MATE-tools. This tool takes a document in Natural Language Processing Annotation Format (NAF) format (http://wordpress.let.vupr.nl/naf/) and outputs a new NAF document. This tool is partly funded by the European Commission ...

Resource Type:Tool / Service
UIMA/U-Compare OpenNLP POS Tagger

This is a UIMA wrapper for the OpenNLP Tokenizer tool. It assigns part-of-speech tags to tokens in English text. The tagset used in from the Penn Treebank). The tool forms part of the in-built library of components provided with the U-Compare platform (Kano et al., 2009; Kano et al., 2011; see se...

Resource Type:Tool / Service

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