MLSS Paragraph Splitter Web service

The paragraph splitter is a web service tool which takes text as input and outputs the identified paragraphs surrounded by tags. The tool is language independent. The download for this resource only contains the narrative description in a Word file. The service has one method which can be invo...

Resource Type:Tool / Service

The present tool, that was built to deal with specific issues concerning orthographic conventions adopted for Portuguese, marks sentence boundaries with <s>…</s>, and paragraph boundaries with <p>…</p>. Unwraps sentences split over different lines. A f-score of 99.94% was obtained when testing o...

Resource Type:Tool / Service
MBT – Memory-Based Tagger-Generator and Tagger

MBT is a memory-based tagger-generator and tagger in one. The tagger-generator part can generate a sequence tagger on the basis of a training set of tagged sequences; the tagger part can tag new sequences. MBT can, for instance, be used to generate part-of-speech taggers or chunkers for natural l...

Resource Type:Tool / Service
U-Compare Workbench

The U-Compare Workbench is a graphical user interface that operates on top of the U-Compare platform. The U-Compare platform allows users to build and evaluate NLP workflows. Workflows consist of one or more components, consisting of corpus readers and tools, such as tokenisers, POS taggers, name...

Resource Type:Tool / Service
Tell me Stories - Temporal Summarization framework

Conta-me Histórias [] is a temporal summarization framework of news articles that allows users to explore and revisit events in the past. To select relevant stories of different time-periods, we rely on YAKE! [] a keyword extraction algorithm devel...

Resource Type:Tool / Service
U-Compare Paragraph-Breaking Service

Web service created by exporting UIMA-based workflow from the U-Compare text mining system. Functionality: Identifies paragraphs in plain text Tools in workflow: MLRS Paragraph Splitter (University of Malta) NOTE: The licence provided covers the web service only. Tools used to create the workf...

Resource Type:Tool / Service
U-Compare/UIMA speech annotation viewer

This is a UIMA component that provides a visualization of speech based output from UIMA workflows. It has been developed at the University of Manchester, using libraries of the Java Speech Toollkit (jstk). It has been designed specifically for use with the U-Compare text mining workbench (see sep...

Resource Type:Tool / Service
U-Compare Platform

The purpose of the U-Compare platform is to facilitate easy and rapid development and evaluation of NLP and text mining systems. It includes utilities (including a graphical user interface, the U-Compare workbench, see separate record in META-SHARE) to create workflows from individual, interopera...

Resource Type:Tool / Service
Monolingual concordancer

Monolingual concordancer is a language independent concordancer tool. Note that the tool is also able to be used as a bilingual concordancer. Several corpora are also included in this resource.

Resource Type:Tool / Service
Bilingual concordancer

Bilingual concordancer is a language independent concordancer tool for bilingual concordancing, translation revision, post-editing, etc. Note that the tool is also able to be used as a monolingual concordancer. Several corpora are also included in this resource.

Resource Type:Tool / Service

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