U-Compare Platform

The purpose of the U-Compare platform is to facilitate easy and rapid development and evaluation of NLP and text mining systems. It includes utilities (including a graphical user interface, the U-Compare workbench, see separate record in META-SHARE) to create workflows from individual, interopera...

Resource Type:Tool / Service
U-Compare Species Disambiguation Service

Web service created by exporting UIMA-based workflow from the U-Compare text mining system. Functionality: Identifies biological named entities and disambiguates them according to species, by assigning a species ID from the NCBI taxonomy. Also identifies sentences and tokens. Tools in workflow...

Resource Type:Tool / Service
U-Compare Workbench

The U-Compare Workbench is a graphical user interface that operates on top of the U-Compare platform. The U-Compare platform allows users to build and evaluate NLP workflows. Workflows consist of one or more components, consisting of corpus readers and tools, such as tokenisers, POS taggers, name...

Resource Type:Tool / Service

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